Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Coconut Club is a whimsical culinary and mixology adventure inspired by the exotic flair of a Tiki bar, seeking to elevate the tenets of Tiki through a thoughtfully presented evening of imaginative cocktails paired with delicious food.

Tiki isn’t just about crazy cocktails and whimsical cuisine, it’s about taking all of its elements–the lure of the islands, the romance of the exotic, an escape into a world of mystery and adventure– and creating an experience inspired by the past but always pushing forward. For whatever reason, the Tiki phenomenon kind of stopped dead in its tracks sometime during the 70s. Sad but true. Since then, it’s been living in the past, spinning its wheels, asleep in the cabana, and churning out the same-old same-old. And while Tiki “same-old same -old” is more exciting than most, the potential to push it into an even bolder and more over-the-top direction is limitless.

The Coconut Club is not a restaurant, but rather a supper club experience.  We pop-up at various locations for short-run exclusive events.

Current Affair

Our program runs as a pop-up event on average one night per month.  Events are announced several weeks in advanced via our email list and tickets are sold ahead of time.  Please stay tuned to our email list and social media for announcements about our next event.